Posted by: Miss McBooty | July 20, 2010

Ghost of Her

Stand up and feel the cold of the floor
Look at the frost on the window pane
Touch the pillow where she laid her head
Caress the blankets that laid at her feet
Walk down the stairs to the kitchen
where you cooked her breakfast on Sunday
Remember how you never believed in love
until the day you saw her face
How the light of the day never
seemed to fade from her golden tresses
Whisper her name, the name that completes you
Realize, that everything has changed
Yesterday she was in this house
happy and warm in your arms
Today she is gone, and all that remains is
the ghost of her yesterday.


  1. You write about loss a lot, what inspires you?

    • I realized that today. I know this is cliche, but its one of the few emotions and concepts I really understand and relate to?

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