Posted by: Miss McBooty | February 4, 2011

Kings, Queens and False Dreams

The king with his crown
shrugs on his throne
made from golden bricks and silky threads.
It sways high amongst the clouds.
Back and forth, he promises robes of velvet
to anyone who will praise him.
He tells tall tales of travels unimaginable.
Tales of forbidden grandeur and adventure
yet he chooses to travel alone.
In this odd kingdom, is a beautiful maiden
who is covered in dirt and rags.
So long ago now, the king promised her the world.
He promised her travels, he promised her trust,
he promised her unending love.
Today she waits, still dreaming.
Now fat and happy,
the king drinks his sweet wine.
Drinking his drink
and forgetting the forgotten.



  1. Is this and your FB post related?

  2. I’m sorry it took me so long to reply. Which FB post were you referring to, do you remember?

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