Posted by: Miss McBooty | July 11, 2010

Weekend Rant

Please follow these simple rules of the road while driving your motor vehicle around me:

1.  Be courteous to other drivers.  This means, if you are in the passing lane, and you aren’t passing anybody, move your vehicle to the slow lane.  This also means that if someone is pulled over on the side of the road for any reason, you should move your vehicle to the left lane (or at least slow down if you can’t switch lanes!)  Also, if you are the asshole who stays in the slow lane when someone is merging onto the highway, either make room for that person or move your slow ass over to a different lane so that person can merge.  Don’t forget to move BACK to the slow lane afterwards.

2.  Pedestrians have the right away.  If a pedestrian is at a crosswalk or a walkway, you must stop for them.  1 in 3 drivers do not stop for pedestrians.

3.  Yellow means slow down.  The biggest thing I’ve noticed about drivers in Colorado is that majority of them like to speed through yellow lights.  So much so, that drivers have started blowing through RED lights.  Uh… does this make anybody else at the intersection really uncomfortable?

Didn’t we learn all of these things in driver’s ed?  Does a driver from a different state learn different rules?  All I know is that bad drivers are driving me up the wall!



  1. I look both ways before accelerating away from a stoplight. I am convinced that once it absolutely saved my bacon. Pickup truck blew right through without slowing down right where I would've been, don't even think he saw the light.

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