Posted by: Miss McBooty | June 28, 2010

For Freedom and Honor

For freedom and honor,
for our families and neighbors,
we march.
We enter a clearing while a bugle softly sings;
an illusion of goodness and life.
A gentle tune that may be our last.
Shots fire in the distance;
the powerful anthem of resistance echo throughout the valley.
Waves of sweat and blood overcome the men.
For freedom and honor,
We step on, and stepped upon,
we hope to mend this country’s biggest mistakes.
My helmet on tight, my gun to my chest,
I think of my girls and crawl out of the foxhole;
Their hopes and dreams propel me forward.
The roar of the guns finally comes to an end.
The standing embrace the sweet sound of Heaven’s rest.
I reach to touch the faces of the fallen and the wounded.
For freedom and honor,
good night to the soldiers that lost their lives
their souls march on to a distant and beautiful light.


  1. : Wonderful. 🙂

  2. This one hits home for me, I can't even hear Taps without waterworks.

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