Posted by: Miss McBooty | June 21, 2010

The Story of Him and Her

Another one from the archives. I think I wrote this in 6th or 7th grade, one of my first attempts to write.

She has loved him for so long
Dreams of him every night
She says a word
because she is too afraid to fight
If she lets people know
Exactly what is inside
She will never talk to him
She will always have to hide
These feelings that she has
Won’t seem to go away
But she enjoys the jump in her heart
When she sees him during the day
At night she wishes
She had talked to him more
While at the same time
He wishes he hadn’t been such a bore
He is so worried
That she does not feel the same
He has not told anybody
About his little game
He likes to watch her
Everywhere that she goes
He has her memorized
From her hair to her toes
Half of him wishes she knew
The other half is scared
So they both keep on living
Not knowing what could be there

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